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Freitag, 13. Mai 2016

Key West

It was hard to convince the hubs to spend some days with me in Key West. After all, he agreed to one night. One night and one day at Key West, can you imagine?

But I can tell you, he did regret it.

The drive over Highway 1 is breathtaking. We really did enjoy the view the whole time.

We arrived late afternoon and had a drink near our hotel and listend to live bands. As we were really hungry and had no idea where to eat, we ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe. The food was ok, our tummies were full and the place was nice.

The next morning we explored a bit of the Keys, walked to the most southern point and enjoy a bit of our day.

As we drove back to Miami, we had lunch at the Island Grill at Key Largo which was fabulous. The setting was great and so was the food. It was the first time I had Mahi Mahi and it was so delicious. If you ask B., you have to try the fried Cheesecake.

XO, Tamy

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  1. I love key west such a beautiful destination ! good that you stayed more than a day at the end. :)

    Great article !!

    Kenza from